MOTCC Mission

MOTCC Mission is to work hard to meet the demand and needs of all our clients and ensure that we deliver quantity and quality job as indicated in our goals and objectives.

MOTCC Vision

MOTCC Vision is to be strategical, plan, thrive, and deliver excellent solutions to technology problems.

Core Value

MOTCC Core Value is to be compassionate, respect, accountable, deliver, excellence, and service (CRADES).

Compassionate in all we do to provide state of the art services to our clients. We must care for those we render our services and have passion for our daily activities.

Respect for our clients and others. We must treat people with decency, equality, dignity, caring, and love regardless of nationality, race, color, and gender so that in return, you can have self respect.

Accountability in what we do and hold straight our responsibility to deliver excellent services by putting all our energy for superior outcome.

Deliver excellent results to our clients. We must be prepared to execute as stated in our mission and vision statement to those we serve. To deliver excellent service, we must work hard, team work and share common goal, objective and vision.

Excellence is our common goal in providing services to clients. We must be the best in providing our services to clients and others. That is aiming for superior results from our services.

Service shows in our team work, working hard to deliver excellent results as stated in our mission and vision statements. Our clients should feel the satisfaction of the services we render to them.

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